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A Weekend Trip to Kansai, Japan

This weekend trip was sparked by my friend getting a student discount on a hkexpress flight, with round-trip tickets for each of us costing just 1300HKD. Considering our limited travel time, we decided to stick to the Kansai region of Japan, focusing on Osaka and Kyoto. This article contains experimental HDR AVIF image, which may cause color banding issues in some browsers (commonly seen on Android). This is a known...

2024-05-25 · LastMod: 2024-05-27 · 4 min · sparktour
Checkpoint on the Hong Kong side

One-day trip to Sha Tau Kok Port Closed Area

The second phase of the Sha Tau Kok Open Plan will commence on January 1, 2024. In the first stage, up to 1,000 visitors per day will be allowed to visit the entire Sha Tau Kok area except Chung Ying Street after applying for a Closed Area Permit online. This will give more people the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and natural landscape of Sha Tau Kok and nearby outlying islands, and promote cultural and ecological tourism....

2024-02-05 · LastMod: 2024-04-19 · 5 min · sparktour

Mount NFS via RDMA on Mellanox Card

Recently, our laboratory acquired eight NVMe SSDs, which we connected to a server via PCIe adapter cards and configured into a RAID using ZFS. To enable rapid access to the storage pool from other servers in the lab, I picked up two ConnectX-4 CX4121A 10GbE network cards from a second-hand platform to link two servers, and set up NFS over RDMA. The seller on the second-hand platform did not include optical modules, so I randomly purchased two 10G Huawei modules, costing about 15-20 RMB each....

2023-08-24 · LastMod: 2024-04-15 · 5 min · sparktour

Configure SIM Card with PC/SC Smart Card Reader

I recently obtained several “removable eSIM cards” from from a friend in a group chat. In short, these eSIM cards are manufactured in the form of ordinary SIM cards, so they can be directly inserted into any mobile phone that supports physical SIM cards, and profiles can be added to the eSIM cards through the Android app provided by Although differentiates the prices of these eSIM cards...

2022-11-20 · LastMod: 2024-04-19 · 2 min · sparktour
Mingsha Mountain, Dunhuang

Graduation Trip Under the 'Dynamic Zero-COVID Policy' - Qinghai-Gansu Grand Tour

Graduation Trip Under the ‘Dynamic Zero-COVID Policy’ - Qinghai-Gansu Grand Tour The initial idea for my graduation trip came about at the end of 2021. Back then, the plan was to visit Shanghai and the surrounding areas of Zhejiang. However, with the lockdown in Shanghai and the tightening of restrictions in various regions, by April-May 2022, most cities were requiring individuals to quarantine in place if there was even a single confirmed COVID-19 case in their district....

2022-07-18 · LastMod: 2024-04-18 · 19 min · sparktour
Tourists taking pictures on the mountain, with Luohu in the background

Visit to Ma Tso Lung Again in 2021

In order to activate cross-border roaming service for my classmate’s phone, I recently took the time to visit Ma Tso Lung again (the last time was two years ago). Due to the impact of the border closure, compared to August 2019, the number of people going to Ma Tso Lung has significantly increased. The way to get to Ma Tso Lung was slightly different from the last time. This time,...

2021-09-22 · LastMod: 2024-04-19 · 1 min · sparktour